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Beacon Homecare - Lakewood, CO

Non Medical Home Care Assistance near Lakewood, Colorado

Many of the patients we care for here at Beacon Homecare live within a wide radius of our base at Aurora, Colorado. Our qualified team is always happy to travel to see them wherever they live and that includes the city of Lakewood, 21 miles away.

Although we have been in existence as a company for just over a year, we have built up an enviable reputation for the quality of personal service we offer to the elderly population of the area, our levels of professionalism, and the high standard of comfort and understanding we offer to all those in our care.

Everything we do at Beacon Homecare is geared towards the comfort and safety of your loved ones, many of whom find themselves unable to live their lives alone without a helping hand – one that we are only too happy to provide.

The main services we provide for people are planning and preparing meals for them, bathing and dressing them to help them feel clean and healthy, and light housework such as vacuuming, dusting and cleaning and changing the bed sheets.

The correct diet and menu is vital for elderly people, many of whom can no longer enjoy the food they used to like. We always discuss with them what type of food they like – and what they don’t like – as well as foods they want to try out. It is essential that they get a balanced and healthy portion for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we will make sure that is provided.

For many of our elderly patients, the service we provide boosts their quality of life and their self-confidence. If you live in Lakewood and feel your loved one needs our care then contact Beacon Homecare on (720) 500-7025 today.

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