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Beacon Homecare - Arvada, CO

Non Medical Home Care Providers near Arvada, Colorado

The community of Arvada, Colorado, 19 miles from our location in Aurora, is one of the many towns and cities where our caregivers are active providing non-medical home care for seniors who need assistance and support.

Many of the elderly people we are asked to look after need our help in many ways, not least with simple companionship and to help them socialize as best they can. It is our goal always to help them achieve as much as possible and enjoy their lives to the fullest, in spite of the obstacles they now face.

Our staff is all qualified and thoroughly professional and they will plan and encourage social activities for all the clients in their care. We urge all our elderly people to take part in a light exercise to promote all-round good health.

We like to go for a gentle walk with the senior and a family member as a means of getting fresh air and helping them feel as though they have achieved something by exercising. We also have a companionship program which involves participation in games and other activities to help keep the elderly person stimulated.

Although we provide a strictly non-medical service, we will give our client’s gentle reminders about the need to take any prescription medicine that has been given to them by their doctor. Many of the elderly people we deal with can be very forgetful and need to be reminded about a variety of things, including medication.

We will also take care of any transportation to and from a doctors’ surgery that might be required – and distance is no object. It is part of our remit to make sure your loved one gets to and from appointments safely and on time.

So if you are in Arvada and have an elderly relative who needs our services call Beacon Homecare on (720) 500-7025 today.

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